Bachelors Degree in Architecture (B. Arch)


The 5 year under-graduate programme offered by the Department of Architecture, leading to B.Arch degree is a full time architecture programme recognised by the AICTE. It has a broad scope of providing exposure to variety of interests in the field of Architecture and assisting students to discover their own directions for cognitive development. The programme aims at attaining a high level of excellence in architectural design. 

The design course is seen as the core of the programme with supportive inputs from courses in other streams. The architecture students spend the first 4 years towards gathering niche skillsets to design buildings as well as to supervise and manage building construction activities of different scales. The final 5th year is aimed at large scale complex design exercises through live internship projects. 

Today, Architecture is an intellectual discipline, both as art and as a profession. Architects make a vital contribution in the shaping of our environment and society, for a diverse range of situations, both in rural and urban contexts. We have further complexities of different social, cultural, geographical, economic and technical nuances which are unique and typical of every region in our country. This programme gives an integrated framework to deal with such multiple issues relating to design and enables the students to comprehend creative solutions throughout the curriculum. The students gradually learn that architecture evolves under the influence of history, culture, social aspirations, climate and emerging technologies, as responsible citizens of the nation.

Finally, the course creates multiple choices, enabling graduates to competently pursue alternative careers within the broad spectrum of architecture.  On completion, the graduates are enabled to start practising as architects with the government, private industry or as individual consultants.